About Telephony Services

The British Geek offers a wide range of telephony VoIP services, Whether you need a telephone system, SIP Services, telephone numbers, calls and lines or a fully fitted call centre. You are in the right place! Our UK offering includes 01/02, 03, 08 and our international numbers covers in-country local numbers, international toll free numbers and universal toll free numbers.

We assess the requirements of your business and will take a hands on approach to install the right phone system for your business. This is a cloud hosted system which eliminates the need for hardware on your business premises, the system uses IP handsets and all voice traffic is carried through an internet connection. A hosted telephony system allows your business to be protected, if a problem occurs calls can be redirected to any device over an internet connection. This system is perfect for growing businesses, with our engineers available to provide a first class service providing support for your service.

Connect, Collaborate, & Control Effortlessly with Our Business VoIP Phone Packages

Guaranteed Uptime
Our enterprise level servers are UK based local data centres with a 99.999% guaranteed uptime, backed up with multi-node network redundancy. Our aim is to give you crystal clear communication at a fraction of the cost.
Mobile apps
Communicator Softphone is available for all platforms and devices. Popular features: Phone accounts Caller ID display On hold button Call Transfer
CRM Integrations
Integration with popular CRM systems with a range of set features; Caller Preview Contact Popping Contact Searching Activity Logging Click to Dial
Worldwide Numbers
International coverage of local, national and toll-free virtual phone numbers. Our range includes: 78 Countries and 3723 area codes UK Geographic Numbers SLAs in many countries Extensive number stock
Phones & VoIP Equipment
Choose from a wide range of phone systems, IP phones and VoIP Equipment. Popular brands: Grandstream Cisco Yealink Snom
Voicemail & Voicemail to Email
Set up your personal voicemail or group voicemails, and also your out of hour message services. Plus with Voicemail to Email, voicemails are delivered to your email giving you a centralised location for all your messages. Accessible from any digital device.

VoIP Business IVR

Route incoming calls to the right team at the right time. You can easily filter and manage call flow to give customers a better experience. You can also create custom greetings and multi-level IVR so customers can find the right representative for the query.

Business Call Recording

Record ongoing phone calls and listen to recordings through online portal easily. With our call recording feature, you can reduce your company’s security, be prepared in case of lawsuit, review employee performance, train employees, verify and share data, improve employee control and customer services.

Call Analytics

With call analytics, you can measure, collect, analyse and report phone calls data. Call analytics indicates key performances through call tracking and recording metrics. It can help businesses review which online and offline marketing channels drive calls to their business.