The British Geek takes your backup very seriously, recommending leading software, hardware and remote solutions and continually monitoring backup success to ensure total peace of mind.  We offer services that ensure you have both onsite and offsite backup solutions available to recover your business in the event of a catastrophic failure.

We also offer expert assistance in the planning and implementing of Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plans – the key objective of which is to minimise the impact that a major event would have on your business. Backup & Data Recovery is critical to any business. Speak to one of our consultants today.

Our Backup & Data Recovery Services Include

  • Secure Onsite & Offsite Back-ups
  • Utilising leading software & hardware solutions
  • Reduced downtime in event of a catastrophic disaster
  • Continual monitoring

Critical Business Requirement

We follow a process to understand your business so you can feel confident that the backup solutions we provide will fit your company’s budget and need. Everyone believes a data loss will not strike their business, but evidence proves that this is unrealistic. We work hard to provide you with peace of mind that your critical business information is secure, monitored and backed up.